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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Two recent finds

Getting back to something of interest for Linda of Chloe's Place, and others who like handwork and such, I've photographed two items that asked for a ride home from the secondhand store a few days ago. This embroidered linen cloth has lovely stitching and is, I would say ( though my embroidery knowledge is quite limited ) done by hand. If a closer view would tell you gals more please feel free to ask for more pics. The digital camera is only an arm's length away.

This nice little doily is crocheted in an off white thread mixed with a strand of metallic. Sorry, the metallic thread doesn't seem to show through in the pic. When I first brought this picture down it landed up top there beside the table linen picture, but I wanted it down here beside its own paragraph, so I put my cursor on it and clicked, did the dragging down here and it seems to have worked . . . . . so far . . . . . now, when I post we'll see what it goes.


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