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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Spring Chickens?

Naw . . . . can't be, judging by the looks of this old photograph. Old as the hills maybe. {g} I knew that I'd seen a picture lately of free range chickens. Finally found it on Leslie's blog under Lily's page. Good Girl Lily! I'll depend on you to keep those chickens rounded up should I ever walk near your Momma's house, unless your Momma has kindly shut them up in their pen or chickenhouse beforehand. Chickens just 'know' how I suffer from that 'scared of chickens' disease ( there is a proper name for it, just can't think of it right off ) and will in unison raise their heads as one and run . . . . . straight towards me! See the attached photo . . . . that's me, out the garden it would appear . . . . with a lone chicken. Do I look impressed??


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