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Monday, August 01, 2005

Early morning visitors

They were here around 7AM and their visit was short but aren't they beautiful? These two deer tasted the grasses growing in our old riding area half way out our driveway, one stopped by my lilies and lone maple there, and then they both crossed the driveway and wandered off into the woods behind our tractor garage. As DH had been cutting more firewood in that part of the woods over the weekend, the deer were no doubt on their way for a breakfast of fresh maple leaves and new growth from the tree tops.

Shortly after the deer left I put Dream on her tie-out as I wandered around the backyard saying Hello to Harry, the Oak tree . . . . . . I've been telling Harry ever since he came to live here how beautiful he is ( actually, I have no idea whether he's a 'he' or a 'she' ), and he certainly seems to have responded well. On the day that I asked my DH to pull this little oak tree from the side of the bank on the Clyde road on our way home from our cottage, and then plant him in the backyard here at our home, he voiced his doubt that an oak would thrive this close to the ocean. Harry was, originally, no more than a foot high and through those first few years even I began to let the doubts surface at times as Harry never seemed to grow more than an inch or two. While we couldn't see apparent growth, Harry was developing a root system, and then he took off. Ten years later . . . . . . just look at Harry now!


At Monday, August 01, 2005 8:28:00 p.m., Blogger Calidore said...

I hope my oak trees grow as well as your Harry, here in Swan Hill Australia. They are still seedlings, just waiting for spring to finally arrive before they are planted out. Maybe the secret is to talk to them and perhaps name them. Hmmmm the possibilities are endless. I have dreams of sitting under them sewing - one day in the distant future.

At Tuesday, August 02, 2005 1:32:00 p.m., Blogger Dawn said...

Perhaps you will sit and sew under your oak trees someday Calidore. I hope that you do. Harry is the only tree that we own that I've ever named. Far too many to come up with names for I'm afraid, besides Harry is special. :-)


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