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Thursday, August 18, 2005

My own blank page . . . . . .

. . . . . . or would that be blank brain?! Before this blog got up and running there were lots and lots of thoughts running through my brain that I could write about. What happened to 'em?! Guess they decided the summertime this year in NS was not quite up to par so they left for 'greener pastures,' it would seem. Maybe they'll be back when the high humidity leaves once again. It sure has sapped my energy . . . . . . as though my level wasn't already low enough! It would be nice to peer out a window and see the SUN for a change. The weatherman is 'promising' sun for today. We'll see how true he is to his word later on. Too early yet to gaze out my windows so instead I'll gaze upon these two pictures instead. They're proof that we did see the sun at least one day during the month of July. One of my dining area windows and the other is my kitchen window. These two windows are up high so I can keep some of my treasures there and little Basenji feet and nose can't knock them off and break them in her eagerness to see The Cat. The embracing white bunnies and the three muscial bunnies there belonged

to my Mom. They are salt and pepper shakers and had been given to her by her father a few years before I was born. That would make them antiques now. {g} The musical bunnies had also belonged to my Mom's parents and were given to her, probably because she loved bunnies. I love bunnies too, and I'm very happy to have these family heirlooms. See the horse head? Now I get to brag a bit about my artist daughter, Heather. The head is pottery and is the one and only pottery piece that Heather has ever made. In typical artist fashion, she feels that it isn't that good, and in typical Mother fashion, I think it's quite lovely. No hummer at the feeder in this picture . . . . sorry.

Now for the kitchen window. Okay . . . . . for some strange reason 'they' don't want me to add a second picture to this posting it would seem. Tried twice to get the second picture up but no go. So I'll publish this and try with a separate posting of the kitchen window picture. Don't be surprised if I publish this and up pops the picture. I won't be. {g}


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