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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A few more answers .........

Five snacks I enjoy?

Pepsi, chips, chocolate, ice cream, grapes & cheese . . . . . . to name a few . . . . there are more, and some are even healthy. :-)

Five bands and singers for which I know most of their stuff?

The Beatles. Guess that dates me eh? {g} I like various songs from a large variety of bands and singers. Perhaps you could say that my preference wanders. Are you beginning to understand how I came to a decision on my blog title? {g}

What would I do with $100,000,000?

Well, first off I'd faint! Then I'd get down to business . . . . . . invest, help out relatives and friends that needed help, give to certain charities of our choice, purchase a home near St. Louis where I could join my adopted sister and friends at Basenji gatherings, and DH could spend some time sitting in a bass boat { hopefully the lake would not disappear from under him :-) }
and wet a line or two. I would join him for trips to Lewis and Clark Days in Old Town St. Charles, and various re-enactments, Black Powder rendezvous { we both target shoot our custom made muzzleloaders, and DH won the 200 Metre Open Sight competition with his 50 caliber flintlock rifle at a Black Powder Canadian Nationals back in the 80s. Pre-bifocal days that was. } Also, there would be lots of travelling to do . . . . . . back to Cade's Cove, which DH declares 'looks like Heaven on earth' to him, the Blue Ridge area . . . . . . have to stop off at Leslie's to meet her and the bunnies and visit Meadows of Dan. Heather and I would have to visit some Morgan horse farms and take in some Three Day Eventing happenings and Horse Trials, plus a Dressage Show or two. There just would not be time for any grass to grow under our feet, that's for sure.


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