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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pretty crazy quilt embellishments

Linda over at Chloe's Place was showing off her pretty finds down in OZ so I decided to scan a couple of my finds from our last spring's Missouri trip. If anyone from the St. Louis area happens to be reading this and wants to know where I did find these, they were both at Gordmans in St. Charles, just across the parking lot from Bass Pro. The blue bracelet, which was $5.99US, will yield 45 round shells, 8 irregular shaped plastic beads, and 16 small irregular shaped plastic beads. The beautiful multi-coloured stone? necklace has 28 square and irregular shaped stones? with a hole in each center, and 31 small round stone? beads. The necklace was $3.99US. I was pleased with this purchase. Now the trick is to get brave enough to take them apart and use them. One of the reasons that I balk is because I just know, that as soon as I take them apart, I'm going to wish they were still together so I could wear them. Maybe then I'll have to raid DD, Heather's, jewelry boxes and borrow the ones I bought for her.


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