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Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday March 26th 2007

Along with the Spring, I am hoping to emerge from my semi-hibernation state. Winter was long and wearisome, and I am looking forward to warmer weather and more pleasant times. With rising temps and disappearing snowbanks I have been walking in the woods taking pictures and watching the earth come to life again.


At Monday, March 26, 2007 8:54:00 p.m., Blogger cyndy said...

lovely to be getting out and watching the forest wake up! It has been a long winter...

At Tuesday, March 27, 2007 7:47:00 a.m., Blogger Maureen said...

oh Toyota!! I type out a great reply and new blogger doesnt recognise me!!!!
Dawn, I commented that you complain about Winter,'downunder" I can't wait for our hot humid Summer to end so I can enjoy Life.
Our winters are sunny,(mainly) dry and temps ranging between 5 and 20 deg C.
God's in His heaven when it's Winter here.
How are you.......think of you often!

At Wednesday, March 28, 2007 12:07:00 a.m., Blogger Cathy said...

Glad to see you out and about!


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