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Friday, November 24, 2006

Rain .....

...... and wind began early last evening and haven't slowed down much yet, though the weatherman says that the skies will clear overnight and then we will see the sun for a number of days except for possible showers on Monday. That's good! ..... as Monday is Dumping Day in this area of Nova Scotia and we pray that it will be good day with no loss of life or lobster boats. My son is a lobster fisherman and has already survived a shipwreck, which was no doubt a hugh reason for my hair turning gray.
The Rescue happened while Gene was dragger fishing a few years ago. So, we'll concentrate on a good day for this coming Monday, and today I will spend inside alternately between knitting on a sock and repacking fabric, and I may even attempt to dye some wool yarn in the washmachine which can hang in the basement to dry. I still haven't been brave enough to show you what a diaster I made of my first attempt at food colour dyeing out in the sun last summer. Pictures are in my files. Maybe someday you'll get to see them. We'll see. :-)

There's a lump under the leopard spotted blankie on the loveseat. The lump is Dream. In true Basenji-fashion she is keeping a low profile as it is raining and windy. Basenjis don't do rain and wind all that well and when conditions are as they are today they can hold it forever.

Hope everyone has a nice day and my American relatives and friends are able to move freely despite their overstuffed tummys. Hope your Thanksgiving Day was a happy one! :-)


At Sunday, November 26, 2006 9:55:00 a.m., Blogger cyndy said...

Thanks for the good wishes of the day!

Dream has the right idea of how to spend such a rainy windy day!

At Wednesday, November 29, 2006 1:12:00 a.m., Blogger Maggie Ann said...

How scary about the shipwreck...and glad to hear your son survived it. Knitting sounds like the perfect thing to do when the winds are blowing and the rain is relentless. Rainy days have thier good sides, if they don't last to long. Dream has a beautiful name and knows how to stay cozy it sounds like. Better get to bed, its 13 min. after midnight, just came in to shut the pc down and HAD to visit just a bit. =)


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