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Thursday, March 09, 2006

This is a posting without pictures. I've been trying to put up pictures from our walk yesterday on the Interpretive Trail at Goose Creek Marsh on Robert's Island. Blogger doesn't want to see them yet so you will have to wait . . . . sorry :-( My sore throat is still running rampant and my dog is too! . . . insisting that she needs to go BAD! . . . and is trying her best to make it look as though I don't understand what she wants, so she walks up to me, touches my knee briefly with her nose, then spins in a wild circle, stops and sniffs her butt. Could her wants be any more obvious?! I went to Bible Study this morning but should have stayed home as I was hughly miserable while there and felt so sleepy. After a quick lunch I laid down for a nap and started coughing. By the time I did get a nap I was exhausted. I know there are better days coming . . . just would like to see them hurry up please! No handwork done or anything important. Heather took care of the laundry and some housework. PTL for helpful adult children! :-) Right now I'm working on consuming a cup of chicken noodle soup. Supposedly good for what ails you. Dream has just trotted over to my computer chair, sniffed me and deemed me well enough to leave here by myself as she heads for the family room and the chair where the last rays of sun will soon be leaving. It's a dog's life . . . . at least for her. I'm back to the chicken noodle soup . . .


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