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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Betta . . . . plus two

Back in July of this year we had a new member join our household . . . . . . Simon, the Siamese Fighting Fish . . . . . or Betta, as they are commonly called. Simon is burgundy in colour and enjoys his grub, which means that if he eats too much and starts to put on pounds then I'll have to sit in the rocking chair beside the stand upon which his home . . . . bowl . . . . resides and chase him 'round and 'round with my pencil. {gg} However, as food control is already in my hands I don't foresee that happening and can no doubt save my pencil for keeping track of how many rows I've knit instead. This is Simon . . . . . . . at home in his bowl . . . . . . Well now, I must say that we really enjoy having Simon around. He doesn't eat you out of house and home, he doesn't cause much ruckus, nor does he require mucking out (which, after having horses for fifteen years, got to be a 'pain' at times . . . . especially during those bitterly cold winter days when sitting and doing handwork by the fire was much more appealing), no fences to mend or hay to get in, no grooming . . . . . . . Okay, enough of that list . . . . . I'm sure you get the point. Simon is a fairly 'low-maintance' type of pet, he is very pretty and calming to watch . . . . . Which led me to think that 'maybe' I should have another Betta . . . . . . in another colour . . . . . so yesterday Bill Bo Baggins came home with me and took up residence on the shawlcovered top of my Mom's old treadle machine. With a brick chimney separating Bill Bo and Simon they can't see each other so I shouldn't have to be concerned about any sibling wars in my sitting room. {g} Meet the new kid on the block . . . . . . or around the chimney . . . . . .

Isn't he a gorgeous, deep blue?! Very, very beautiful I think but really a wimp. He spends most of the day hiding behind his flowering plant. Maybe he's just wanting some time to get more used to us here before he ventures out into the 'far reaches' of his bowl. Bill Bo is also a bit shy about eating in front of us. He leaves the piece of food floating until we not around, then he eats. Not at all like his brother, Simon, who is so eager for grub that he'll bite the hand that feeds him if it doesn't have any food to offer. Interesting that a little fish such as these two would seem to have such different personalities . . . . . . . if one can say that fish do have personalities.

While I was visiting the pet store where I purchased Bill Bo Baggins yesterday, Heather was along and also make a purchase of her own. As the store had recently received a new shipment of Bettas we had a number to choose from, and after looking 'round Heather said she wanted 'this deep blue coloured one.' Momma here had already made her choice known to the store owner before that so it was . . . . . . . 'Sorry, he's spoken for. You'll have to choose another one.' Another walk around and this uniquely coloured Betta was decided upon. Meet Moaning Mrytle . . . . . . the Appaloosa Betta, whose mostly silvery body is dotted with some spots like an Appaloosa horse, yet has the most gorgeous green fins with blue-purple tips. This guy is a strutter . . . . or he would be if he walked . . . . . . maybe having been given a female name has caused him to develop an attitude already in life. {gg}


At Tuesday, September 06, 2005 2:23:00 p.m., Blogger Leslie Shelor said...

Cool. I have a betta on my mantle, too!


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