Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

. . . some shared writings from Wine Brook Cottage . . .

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two days in a row ....

......... to you! Even if I haven't too much to say this morning, perhaps an enouraging word and a pretty picture will benefit someone out there in cyberland.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sooooooo .........

........ you thought that I was lost, didn't you? ....... No. I wasn't. Busy, perhaps .... but not lost. Late autumn is upon us in the 'northland' ...... and the temp took a drop today. It has been unseasonably warm ....... but that is about to end. Winter preparations are almost complete as we anticipate the cold and snow that is soon to arrive. I'm digging through my yarn stash looking for some wool as I've been commissioned to knit a friend a pair of socks for her husband as a Christmas gift. The picture above shows the pygmy goat kids meeting my Basenji during one of their first outings last spring.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where does the time go??????

...... And, not only has the time speeded away on me, by the time I manage to get on here and under the correct account most of what I wanted to say has vanished! Nevertheless, I'll share a bit with you ............ It's been a busy spring and early summer here in southern Nova Scotia, and now the FOG has struck this coastline! ....... so thick that I heard a friend remark earlier this morning that 'even the seagulls are walking' ........ Now, that's thick!! Though the fog keeps things damp, it's only a surface dampness, and we've had a number of forest fires in the area already. Hoping and praying for rain here ..........

Birds have been plentiful at the feeders and it's always a joy to see them.

Knitting of socks continues. There's something about that process in that you can never have enough socks IMHO.

Going to the hairdresser this afternoon. Will be a boost during the 'foggy season' ....... :-) .......

~ Dawn

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"I was beginning to learn that spring was not a specific date on the calendar, but a gradual relinquishing of the bonds of winter." - Isabel Edwards

It was a long winter ........

..... but now only the occasional day has snow, and the snowfalls are changing to rain, the winds are still cold and strong but once in a while the sweet promise of a warmer wind mixes in ......... Ah, Spring begins to stir the earth again! While the winter hung on I knit and read and took a few pictures ........ I bought a spindle and some rovings ........ the lady that I bought the items from gave me a hugh handful of fleece to 'practice with' ........ which was very nice of her. I haven't practiced yet .......... but I've bought myself a couple of books that should help ............. Spin It by Lee Raven, and Start Spinning by Maggie Casey. And, Heather and I bought some livestock last month and became 'farmers' ....... or would we be 'shepherdess?' We bought a pair of Pygmy goats ......... a breeding pair ....... and Annie, the Nanny was pregnant. Note that I said 'was' ................ A week and a half ago we were blessed with two doe kids .............. so now I'm buying hay and Hobby Farms Magazine. All are doing well ....... lively and healthy ....... promising much fun for the weeks ahead.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter came early this year

Still autumn, and yet winter has been upon us since the latter part of November. A fierce winter storm went through the Atlantic provinces last weekend giving us low temps, much snow, and far too much wind. In the middle of it all the temp went up and the heavens poured water down, which washed away a lot of the snow, then the temp dropped again and left us with frozen earth and ice. Yo yo weather ..... :( .......

My computer is back from the 'computer hospital' and is 'well' again. Isn't that grand?! Meanwhile my son bought himself a computer bringing the total computers here up to four. Now, mind you, this is with dial up and one phone line. So far we are being courteous to each other. Hopefully that state will continue.

December 15th was Dream's 10th birthday. Hard to believe that this little girl has been with us almost 10 years. When we picked her up at the airport in Halifax she was 10 weeks old and weighed 6.6 lbs. Just a little baby bundle.
It's very peaceful here this morning. The winds have dropped and I saw one lone star off toward the east earlier. I'm listening to one of the two tapes I bought myself as a treat. Celtic Hymns and Celtic Serenity ....... easy listening ...... I hope all is peaceful at your house as well .........

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

-3C earlier this morning ............ brrrrrrr ...... winter is coming! The trees and bushes are bare for the most part now here in NS ........ lakes and streams are filled to the brim ........ it's time for winter to move in.

It's been since September 30th that I've posted. Were you wondering what I was doing during October? I was sick with an upper respiratory infection that just would NOT give up, and has left me with a lingering cough. :(

Getting back to the knitting ...... I did finish one pair of socks; however, all that I had planned to knit this fall is still in skeins and balls. Looking forward to accomplishing 'something' through this winter.

A wood fire going in the furnace today ........ hmmmm .... love the wood heat. There's nothing quite like it for heating a body thoroughly!

No pics today ...... sorry .......... my main computer is at the 'computer hospital' having come down with a case of 'computer fits' so I am using my laptop here, and as my laptop was completely cleared and redone a while ago the pics folders are empty on here. Must raid hubby's computer for some pics to use down the road. :-)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hello out there in Blogland .....

....... Nice to see you again! I'm happy to know that some still check to see if I've written anything here from time to time. Lately it seems as though the days aren't long enough to get everything done that I'd like ......... and I must confess to spending a fair amount of time on Facebook when I am online. Leslie keeps up with me there. She knows that I'm not lost ...... just missing in action. Hi Leslie! :-)

DH and I managed some time down at the cottage this weekend and stayed overnight on Friday. He spent yesterday clearing off the bracken and tall grass which had covered our lawn area there for the summer. There is sooooo much for him to do and try to catch up on during the weekends now that he is working away each week, something had to be put on hold this summer and it turned out to be the cottage that was neglected.

My interest in knitting waned over the summer; however, as the cooler weather came on and my feet felt the chill, I took knitting needles in my hands once more and have begun to knit socks again. Heather's socks, that I had started earlier in the summer, have become one whole sock with the matching sock about to begin.

Canadian Idol was of major interest in our household this summer. Though I personally don't watch such shows that much, this year was an exception. A local young man was competing and made it to the Top Four. Dwight d'Eon is our local star!