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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where does the time go??????

...... And, not only has the time speeded away on me, by the time I manage to get on here and under the correct account most of what I wanted to say has vanished! Nevertheless, I'll share a bit with you ............ It's been a busy spring and early summer here in southern Nova Scotia, and now the FOG has struck this coastline! ....... so thick that I heard a friend remark earlier this morning that 'even the seagulls are walking' ........ Now, that's thick!! Though the fog keeps things damp, it's only a surface dampness, and we've had a number of forest fires in the area already. Hoping and praying for rain here ..........

Birds have been plentiful at the feeders and it's always a joy to see them.

Knitting of socks continues. There's something about that process in that you can never have enough socks IMHO.

Going to the hairdresser this afternoon. Will be a boost during the 'foggy season' ....... :-) .......

~ Dawn


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