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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Okay . . . . so the amoxil didn't do the job. The sore throat is still here, as are the sore ears, and at times I've coughed long enough and loud enough I could have been considered as competition at a Coonhound Braying contest. My energy is zapped and I've been nodding off in between bedtimes and naptimes. Yesterday morning I made a trip back to my GP's office where he examined me and informed me that the infection had settled on my chest. Lovely. Another Rx . . . . Novo-Azithromycin this time . . . . . knock it outta there in five days, or less. We'll see . . . . . It could be a lot worse so I'm pasting on a smile and heading on down the road. Let's hope the glue holds. :-)

Not much being done in the handwork department. It's just a bit difficult to knit, crochet, or whatever, with your body snoozing and your eyes closed. At least it is for me. The rains have come to our little corner of the world and the snow has left. If any snow does return now it will not last long, and that's how it happens here when Spring is lurking just out of sight, gracing us with the occasional beam of warm sunshine or the appearance of new life struggling up through the cold earth. Those feelings and views gave hope to the souls and spirits of all.


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