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Saturday, February 11, 2006


I love 'em! It's the simple truth ............ I love books! Good books! Books that reach out and draw me into them. With a heavy snowfall warning for tomorrow, and I'm aware of four books within my range of vision just sitting here looking at the screen, I don't think there will be lack of entertainment if I'm housebound tomorrow. Now, wasn't that said with my tongue firmly in cheek ........ me? housebound? with a 4 x 4 Jeep sitting at my backdoor. Still, I'd rather stay off the roads unless there's a need when the conditions are not great. You're probably wondering what those titles are .......... give me a minute to move my little notes to myself and I'll tell ya. Let me see ............ The Chestnut Pipe, Folklore of Shelburne County by Marion Robertson. I had been reading this out loud to my DH and DD ....... a bit each evening about a month ago. We had some chuckles and a few real good belly laughs from that one. Then there are the two books that are a compilation of short stories and poems and thoughts written by women from the High Plains. They have tugged at my heart, caused me to cry, and made me smile through my tears. Sisters in this journey through life. Leaning into the Wind and Woven on the Wind ............. edited by Linda Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier & Nancy Curtis. They have a new one out called Crazy Woman Creek. I must remember to get myself a copy someday. They are keepers. Keeping busy with the books, or keeping busy with some handwork, there won't be any reason for being bored. I'm not certain I understand how some can be bored. Overwhelmed with so many choices of things to do is how I find myself these days, but never bored; and there's always spring cleaning, when the mood hits. I wonder if any of my spinning friends would like to buy some unique angora dustbunnies? They're going at a super discount price! {g} My computer clock has just turned to 7AM. It will soon be time for the rest of the house to awaken. Oh! You were wondering what that fourth book was ............. Why, it's Maxine ....... Yelling It Like It Is ...... I love Maxine! She reminds me of my paternal grandmother.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. - Anatole France

It's breakfast time at Wine Brook Cottage. Until the next time ......... take care ........


At Saturday, February 11, 2006 9:53:00 a.m., Blogger Leslie Shelor said...

I've never been bored in my life. There's always something interesting to do or read. Sounds like you have some great snowy day titles. I plan to spin awhile and then maybe read this afternoon; some poetry and anthropology I've been browsing over!


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