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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Sun has found us!

Finally! It has arrived! It showed up yesterday and was very welcomed. Ironic how the energy level increases when the sun shines isn't it? As the sun smiles down upon us who can help but smile back? :-)

A while ago I shared a poem with some friends which I like quite well. Here it is for the rest of you, and them again, should they wish to read it.

Sometimes, in the magic hush
Of a Summer morning,
When it's very, very early,
And all is calm and still,
When the dew shines bright as diamonds
On petals newly opened,
And the sun, on rosy-golden wings,
Illuminates the hill.

It only lasts a little while,
But there's a sense of wonder,
A gentle peace that comes before
The clamour of the day,
And in those precious moments,
In the quiet of the garden,
Something very beautiful
Seems but a step away.

- Kathleen O'Farrell


At Tuesday, June 21, 2005 6:48:00 p.m., Blogger Leslie Shelor said...

Congratulations on the sun! Glad it finally found you, too. Love the poem!


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